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The sixth album of Le Trio Joubran, a landmark and a new landscape in their musical convictions. Through their mesmerizing music, they honour the struggles and oppression of indigenous peoples around the world and especially affirm that their music should be a part of the struggle of the Palestinian people for recognition and liberation. Le Trio Joubran and the former Pink Floyd legendary Roger Water’s co-wrote the track "Carry The Earth" and dedicated it the four young cousins who were murdered whilst playing football on Gaza Beach. The title of this track is from a poem by the great Mahmoud Darwish The dead who die to carry the earth after the relics are gone".
The Trio Joubran talents as musicians are complemented by their compassion as human beings. Their longstanding and determined commitment has made them a symbol of Palestinian identity and resistance. Trio Joubran, in its brilliant and fiery exuberance, sends out a message: Palestine is alive.” Brian Eno


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Get THE LONG MARCH in LP Vinyl ! The package includes a download code for a digital listening !

AsFar (CD)

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The three brothers who constitute the Trio, now at the height of their maturity and knowledge, made AsFâr, their fifth album, with music composed as well as “experienced” by all three of them. For the discovery of other cultures cost them a lot of struggles as well as many joys.

A l'Ombre des mots (CD/DVD)

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This CD/DVD recorded live in Ramallah in August 2008 is an intense tribute to the Poet Mahmoud Darwish, with whom the Joubran brothers often collaborated.

Randana (CD)

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United here for their first album, the Joubran brothers' music is thrilling and mournful all at once. Interspersed with moments of silence, their melodies tell of sadness and hope and, above all, of the desire to give voice to Palestine.