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Along the road, from East to West, Le Trio Joubran gathers influences and sounds from Everywhere. One night in Ramallah before the show, improvising with Valentin Mussou’s synthetizer, "The Long March Remix" was born, showing once again that communication and music are the same thing.

Latest album : The Long March

Out now !

The sixth album of Le Trio Joubran, a landmark and a new landscape in their musical convictions. Through their mesmerizing music, they honour the struggles and oppression of indigenous peoples around the world and especially affirm that their music should be a part of the struggle of the Palestinian people for recognition and liberation. Le Trio Joubran and the former Pink Floyd legendary Roger Water’s co-wrote the track "Carry The Earth" and dedicated it the four young cousins who were murdered whilst playing football on Gaza Beach. The title of this track is from a poem by the great Mahmoud Darwish The dead who die to carry the earth after the relics are gone".

The Trio Joubran talents as musicians are complemented by their compassion as human beings. Their longstanding and determined commitment has made them a symbol of Palestinian identity and resistance. Trio Joubran, in its brilliant and fiery exuberance, sends out a message: Palestine is alive.” Brian Eno


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Le Trio Joubran: The Long March CD review – Palestinian oud trio break out

Supremacy, with Roger Waters

In March 2018, we recorded at Abbey Road Studios & Studio Ferber "Supremacy", our tune with Roger Waters from the Pink Floyd.


10 years celebratory

released in 2013

This Collection of 5 CDs & 1 DVD celebrates Trio Joubran career over the past ten years: Randana and Majâz, À l'Ombre des Mots (In the Shades of Words) with the poet Mahmoud Darwish -an anthology with strong, symbolic meaning-, Le Dernier Vol (The Last Flight) Movie Soundtrack and the impressively mature album AsFâr with the incredible voice of Dhafer Youssef and the great Master of Percussions Youssef Hbeisch. A stunning DVD depicting the life of the Joubrans at the height of their art on stage and off is included in the collection.



The three brothers, now at the height of their maturity and knowledge, created AsFâr, their fifth album, with music composed as well as “experienced” by all three of them, with a lot of struggles as well as many joys...

Le Dernier Vol

Original soundtrack "The Last Flight"" movie with Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet.

This album was born from the musical meeting between East and West, combining the sound of the Oud with Violin, Cello (Trio Chkrrr) and percussion (Yousef Hbeisch).

A l'Ombre des mots

The third CD/DVD album, from the August 2008 concert in Ramallah is an intense tribute to the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish with whom the Trio collaborated for more than twelve years.

The original scenography of this show adds to the enchanted ear an impressive visual dimension.


Majâz is undoubtedly the album that enlight the musical virtuosity of the Joubran Brothers. Between enthralling notes, striking musical shakes and burning silences, Trio Joubran invites us to an intense journey


United here for their first album, the Joubran brothers' music is thrilling and mournful all at once. Interspersed with moments of silence, their melodies tell of sadness and hope and, above all, of the desire to give voice to Palestine.